Getting Started

Start your own business and earn big commissions of 50% by marketing attractive unisex sunglasses! With the ability to set your own hours and earn substantial commissions, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with being your own boss while reaping the financial rewards. Download the Independent Sales Representative Agreement now!

Starter Pack

Get started today! The wholesale starter pack consists of twelve (12) unisex sunglasses for $120. This is a gross profit of $240!


Additional income opportunities can be earned from recruiting. When your recruit purchases a starter pack you will receive five free pairs of sunglasses, a $100 value!

Starting your own business is exciting and has the potential to bring significant rewards! Selling unisex sunglasses has endless opportunities and caters to a very broad audience. Tap into this thriving market and enjoy the benefits of being your own boss! To learn more about this opportunity please call Dan Desmond at 727-383-0585.

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